For sure this is the best day-tour one can do on the waters of Langkawi. Within this day we sail around the two larger islands Pulau Tuba and Pulau Dayang Bunting.

Duration: 8 Hours

For sure this is the best day-tour one can do on the waters of Langkawi. Within this day we sail around the two larger islands Pulau Tuba and Pulau Dayang Bunting. That indicates we sail from south east over south and then to the west of the archipelago. Innumerable little islands on the way make the scenery truly special and much nicer than many famous holiday-destinations can offer. Being sailors since more than 2 decades, we can honestly say that Langkawi is unmatched! We have designed this tour as an 8 hour cruise because we eventually go for more than 30 miles. That indicates some 4 hours of sailing/driving and the rest of the time we offer you activities and true relaxation. It can only be topped by an overnight stay on board on one of the stunning and well protected anchorages. 

The tour starts at the time you request, however we recommend to start at 12 noon from the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club and return back at 8 pm, so that you may enjoy the sunset. After leaving the marina we sail direction Pulau Tuba to the south east. Sometimes dolphins accompany us for a while – that is always spectacular. During this little journey we serve you a selection of exquisite tapas for lunch. Our first anchorage is in between 5 little islands – uninhabited by humans but you are guaranteed to see lots of eagles in their natural habitat. With the kayak or our rubber-dinghy you can explore the area including a cave where bats live. If you are lucky you can see hornbills and blue kingfishers.

After about one hour we weigh anchor again and continue direction south through a number of little islands. Our next anchorage, only some 30 min. away, is in the very south of Dayang Bunting surrounded by 3 islands. This has been a pirate’s-hide-away for centuries; well protected in all weather conditions and not far away from the Straight of Melacca. Just around the corner is one of the most beautiful beaches of the area. Some film productions have been done here – now this beach is yours! You may take the kayak or our crew dinghies you out. You can just relax, collect stones or shells and go for or swim. Enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine in a crystal glass – you will have a well stocked ice-box next to you.

Our following passage is like a river. High, dramatic cliffs and untouched mangroves on both shore lines. We call it our “Tropical Norwegian Fjord”. Just startling! When the time comes that you are hungry we serve you our famous and delicious dinner, freshly prepared on board and decoratively served on banana-leaves.

As the sun sets to the west, we steer towards Kuah bay. Sometimes the tropical sunset here is like the sky is on fire. You are now opposite of our highest mountain Gunung Raya and the fire-like red clouds sometimes give the false impression of this mountain being a volcano – spectacular! We steer back to the marina before it gets completely dark and then invite you for a last drink or two before we order you a taxi to pick you up.

Including :

  • For lunch we serve you a variety of our delicious tapas
  • For dinner we serve you a buffet that includes:
  • Catch of the day (locally caught Spanish mackerel or red/white snapper)
  • Prawns, marinated in garlic, olive oil and Scottish Whiskey
  • Spring chicken marinated in paprika and lemon pepper
  • Beef tenderloin marinated with lemon zest
  • A variety of vegetarian dishes
  • Rice and fresh noodles

Please note: we happily cater for you special wishes and diet. Please do not hesitate to discuss your personal menu with us!

Beverage :

  • Sparkling wine
  • White wine
  • Red wine
  • Brand liquor
  • Beer
  • All popular soft drinks
  • Freshly brewed tea and coffee

Extra charge for French Champagne: Veuve Cliquot Yellow Lable or Dom Perignon each MYR 260,00.