We drop anchor again at an idyllic bay, and here we serve you our famous and delicious dinner, freshly prepared on board and served decoratively on banana-leaves.

Duration: 4 Hours

Price per Person MYR 450, children and teens below 16 years old and below, MYR 180,00

It happens that a holiday budget is tighter than one would wish and some of our prospective guests might not want to charter a whole boat for just a couple, while others, being on a special vacation like a wedding proposal or a honeymoon trip, value it. For all those looking for a more wallet-friendly option without foregoing all of the amenities of a private cruise we have designed this cruise. This tour has been our most popular one since we run the business. Do not think it might be too long – it is still too short! It is a great mixture of activities, relaxation, dining and wining. Our boats can carry each up to 30 people but for this sharing cruise we maximise to 12 guests to ensure that you have all the privacy you need but also to give our guests the chance to really meet the fellows joining. All of our sharing cruises are truly fun! Our guests come from around the world and very often they become long-term-friends.
We start at 4 pm from the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club and return there again after sunset at about 8 pm. The ship sails for 7 miles to the north east coast to Pulau Timun, which takes about 1.5 hours. Sometimes dolphins accompany us for a while – that is always spectacular. During this little journey we serve you a selection of exquisite tapas. We then drop anchor at a most beautiful spot well off the tourist track. Protected in between 3 islands this has been a pirate’s-hide-away for centuries as we are in the Straights of Melacca and very closed to Thailand. Here you can explore the area either by Kayak or by dinghy. Alternatively you can be landed on a deserted beach or just take a refreshing swim. After about 1 hour we weigh anchor and sail through our “Tropical Norwegian Fjord”, a stunning area where you are surrounded by steep limestone cliffs, many covered with lush tropical forest. Your camera will be very busy, you are guaranteed great shots! We drop anchor again at an idyllic bay, and here we serve you our famous and delicious dinner, freshly prepared on board and served decoratively on banana-leaves.
As the sun sets to the west, we steer towards Kuah bay. The tropical sunset here can be like the sky is on fire. You are now opposite of our highest mountain Gunung Raya and the fire-like red clouds sometimes give the false impression of this mountain being a volcano – impressive! We steer back to the marina before it gets completely dark and then invite you for a last drink or two before we order you a taxi to pick you up.
Included in this price :
Tapas will be served in butler style from 1600 hrs onwards and and will include;

  • prawn sate
  • beef tender in (Australian) sate
  • boat made sate
  • some vegetarian delights and more

Dinner will be served in buffet style and will include

  • catch of the day (locally cought Spanish Mackeral or red /white snapper.
  • chicken marinated in paprika and lemon pepper.
  • clams in butter and lemon grass sauce available in market).
  • a variety of vegetarian dishes and stir fried crunchy veggies.
  • tropical fruits of the season.

Please let us know if you allergic to any food and we will try to prepare to alternative that is more suited. In line with keeping everything fresh, our food and herbs comes out of our very own organic farm in Langkawi Island itself. For more information, please visit revitacura.com or facebooke.com/Revitacura.

Beverage :

  • Sparkling wine
  • White wine
  • Red wine
  • Brand liquor
  • Beer
  • All popular soft drinks
  • Freshly brewed tea and coffee

Extra charge for French Champagne: Veuve Cliquot Yellow Lable or Dom Perignon each MYR 260,00.